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About Us






About us

Kushwaha Group has over 36 proud years as its merits, get to know us better on how we plan to shape the future.

V.N Kushwaha (Managing Director)


“The journey is always more memorable than the destination”. Personally, the journey for me has been truly uplifting and humbling at the same time! It has been 36 years since I started as a novice in the field and even after the many years that have passed by I still stand as one who is learning the nuances of the industry. Kushwaha Industry possesses the power and flexibility to provide a complete, customized supply chain planning and decision-making optimization solution for any company. No matter how complex and challenging your company’s supply chain problems are, Kushwaha Engineers will serve as the single solution – delivering total decision-centric optimization across your end-to-end supply chain operations.

Innovation is happening right now, all around us, whether we participate in it or not. Everything is moving at an accelerated pace, including technological breakthroughs in the manufacturing industry, and, in some cases, things that had previously taken many small steps can now be achieved in a single bound. 

We will continue to provide our clients with the first-class service and establishing the trust that is an absolute prerequisite to go forward together in this challenging industry.

Nitesh Kushwaha (Director)


 As we approach 2021, I strongly believe Manufacturing Industries in India play a strong role in supporting the economy of the country, as we Make in India and create numerous jobs. Kushwaha Industries has had a very progressive journey in its past 36 years.

Our mission is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of Industries around the world through the creation of innovative engineering methods and through the provision of quality work addressing diverse needs.  We accelerate our transformation, strengthening governance while simplifying the organizational structure to enable swift decision-making in the rapidly changing industrial environment in India and around the world. 

We have built a structure that maximizes cross-regional synergies throughout businesses and brands and accelerates strategic innovations to expand the scale of our business and engineering capabilities.




Only the Best


Swift Infrastructure Setup

In today’s competitive, complex, and customer-centric business world, manufacturing companies must be able to overcome significant operational challenges in their supply chains. 


The Newest Technology Repairs

Equipment failures resulting in disruptions of operations can lead to significant financial loses, erosion of reputation, and reduction of market share. Therefore, Kushwaha Industries provide high levels of service from their Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul operations or suppliers.


High Quality Erection Management

Kushwaha Industries gives Sugar Companies the power to optimally schedule and manage their assets and workforce, cut costs, and boost capacity. We proudly consider erection set up as one of our primary services.


All about Engineering

Kushwaha Engineers own necessary machinery and equipment required for
machining, fabrication and erection work such as cranes, welding transformers,
welding rectifiers, welding inverters, cutting sets, drilling machine and bending machines.

Completed Projects

Cane Crushing Mills

Boilers Setup