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A list of our Products in the manufacturing industry setup across the globe.



Sugar Factory

Kushwaha Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of sugar plant and machinery. For 36 years, Kushwaha Group is providing a gamut of products and services to a wide range of industry verticals. Kushwaha Group has operations around the globe. We have developed core competency in executing turnkey EPC projects especially for sugar factories and ethanol plants. Kushwaha group has been successful in supplying and erecting major equipment to more than 10 countries.


Sugar Refineries

Kushwaha Group manufactures and supplies major sugar refinery equipment and machinery to leading sugar producers in India and overseas. Kushwah Group has emerged as an EPC/ turnkey supplier of sugar refinery plants,  suppling both integrated and stand-alone refineries consisting Raw Sugar Handling, Affination & Melting System, Raw Melt Clarification System by Defeco remelt Process, Raw Melt Clarification System by Carbonation Process, Melt Decolourization, Melt Concentrator, Refined Sugar Crystallization, Sugar Curing, Sugar Handling, Drying, Conveying & Bagging.


Ethanol Plants

Kushwaha Group offers EPC turnkey integrated solutions for ethanol plants, we have supplied diverse equipment to multiple distilleries in India and across the globe. Kushwaha Group’s objective of continuous improvement has helped to deliver technological solutions to sugar plants to overcome new challenges and increase plant efficiency.



Kushwaha Group’s scope for distillery plant comprises from conceptualization stage to commissioning on EPC / Turnkey basis. Supply & Services are fully customised based on the individual project requirement. 


PEB Structures

Kushwaha Group built Pre-engineered buildings are the state-of-the-art steel solution to developing efficient and cost-effective infrastructure, PEB’s offer ultimate design flexibility and an extremely short construction time. They are supplied as a fully finished product along with steel structure, building accessories and roof cladding.


Industrial Boilers

Kushwaha Group is one of the top 10 industrial boiler manufacturer in India providing steam generation solutions for process and power. We offer a range of options covering combustion of various solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, heat recovery from gas turbine/engine exhaust, waste heat recovery and fired heaters for various industrial processes and applications. Reasons to choose us :
* Instant response to load changes.
* Compactness of combustor and boiler.
* Minimized stack losses due to lower excess air levels.
* Ease of maintenance and operation.


Bulk Material Handling

Kushwaha Group has vast experience in the manufacturing of bulk material handling equipment. We offer a customized bulk handling system to ensure that raw material reaches its destination with minimal cost without harming the environment.
We offer Turnkey Execution of Biomass & Coal Handling System, Turnkey Execution of Coal, Iron Ore, Coke, Bagasse, Gypsum, Laterite & Limestone Handling System



Based on Kushwaha Group’s experience in designing, building and managing construction we offer standardised & tailored wastewater treatment plants for industries