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Our Services

While we cater to most of your industrial needs, here’s a list of our services.

1. Boiler Upgradation & Modification


Why Choose us

Kushwaha Industries R&M approach provides customised technology and experience-based solutions for boiler end-users to enhance plant efficiency and reduce costs.
We offer Retrofitting & Revamping Services for various industries like sugar, distillery, etc to enhance their capacity and improve their performance — resulting in operational excellence and faster ROI.
We also offer Travelling Grate performance enhancement through
* Replacement of Heat Recovery Units
* Up-gradation of Pressure Parts
* Soot Blower Installation to achieve back end temp.
* Installation of HP Heaters
* Upgradation of Burners
* Fuel Conversion
* Multiple Fuel-Firing solutions
* Oil / Gas to Solid Fuel-Firing or vice versa
* Technologies Upgradation
* Dumping Grate to Travelling Grate
* Travelling Grate to AFBC
* Boilers and Auxiliaries Upgradation
*Capacity Enhancement
* Modification of Boiler Aux such as Fans, Pumps etc.
* DCS / SCADA Implementation
* Control & Instrumentations Upgradation
* Air Pollution Control Equipment Upgradation
* Steam Temp Upgradation

2. Skilled Manpower Supply


We have you Covered

We have established ourselves among the leading organizations in skilled manpower supply, we are engaged in providing acclaimed industrial manpower services. We provide highly qualified and skilled labours to industries on a short to medium and long term basis. We take care of the documentation and other formalities that are statutory while providing the manpower.
Skill is an evolution of a person’s proficiency, wages, and specialization in a field. Skilled employees usually get higher salaries and rank because they are more trained and responsible as compared to unskilled workers in the company.
They are of between skilled and unskilled category and are very important for any organization because they provide labour as required by the skilled workers.
These include helper (fitter, welder, and machinist) general movement of materials, feeding of materials etc are included in this category.

3. Energy Saving


How we handle

We expertise in Energy Efficiency Program which is special ‘Custom -made’ solution – Maintenance costs are reduced and unplanned downtimes are lowered. We help you to reduce energy consumption and observe environmental standards.
Achieve Steam Consumption levels at 35% or below on sugarcane
Increase crushing capacity without changing the existing boiler configuration.
High efficiency, high-pressure boilers that increase the performance of key equipment.


why is it necessary

Energy can be saved at each level. Starting at the device level, replacing an inefficient device such as a motor with a more efficient one will save energy. Ultimately the entire manufacturing facility operates more efficiently and the entire manufacturing supply chain produces only the particular items requested by customers

4.  Operations & Maintenance


How we handle

Kushwaha Group provides O&M solutions for the operation of complete sugar and ethanol plants. We are experts when it comes to supplying spare parts for your plant with the right quality, time and maximum life. The right spare and wear parts are key elements for the availability of your plant.

With long-term experience as an OEM supplier, we provide innovative spare parts concept that meets your requirements regarding quality and performance. We provide asset management including diagnosis, periodic overhauling and spare parts replacement for better performance

We also expertise in spare and wear parts for plants that were engineered and erected by third parties.